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About Durango Hosting

Durango Hosting came about to provide a local service for other local businesses to support their Internet presence needs and is the brainchild of Stephen Mosley, president and CEO of WebDevAZ. When Stephen first moved to Durango it was with the intent to retire and enjoy life with his family. However, as he chatted with owners of local businesses, he found that many of them had no idea where their website was hosted, no idea about how to make even simple changes to their site. Some business owners did not even have a website and those that did had no idea about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social networking and ways to use their sites to engage their customers and promote their business. So Steve decided to fill the void and Durango Hosting was born.

Steve Mosley:

 President and CEO.
Steve MosleySteve brings over 30 years of computer experience to the company (The last 12 running his own Internet based business). Working with his long time business partner Eric Zizzi, he was instrumental in helping to start iPower (Which went on to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the world). In addition, he has worked with internet power houses such as StartLogic, iBoost and ComScore and has built various internet compaines from the ground up. Trying to retire he moved to Durango, and was trying to sit back and relax but the 'Internet Itch' got the better of him and he started Durango Hosting.

Eric Zizzi:

Eric ZizziEric has been working Web and Hosting based companies since 1993 and has a mixture of fortune 500 experience as well as small business creation and management. From Motorola, to Broadcom, then on to his own business working with Steve, Eric has been involved in many Large and Small Networks. Most recently Eric has been spending his time building and working on the hosting environment for Durango Hosting as well as learning Big5 load balancing architecture.
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